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In other news, the below comic will soon be appearing in a longer strip, in a calendar for the month of February. Be excited.

In other news, the new HBO show based on the story of Spartacus will be arriving soon. To envision this spectacle, juxtapose the caricatures of “300” on a city that makes the Kardashians look sensible and the Cardassians kindly. The below photo aptly captures this delightful blend of the modern American hunger for ultra-violence with the Romans’ similar need. (Unfortunately for Roman slaves, green screen technology was not a product of the ancient Mediterranean.)

Procrastination is the Mother of Invention

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Black Tie-In

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The professional world is as evocative of greys, whites, blacks, and even the exhilarating metallic members of the monochromatic family. Nonetheless, this code of monotony receives almost slavish obedience, enshrined as the avatar of gravity.

Is there any defense of this, beyond dogmatic custom? Ah! I optimistically envision a heckler, shouting at his monitor: “No, good sir! This is an example of conformity; of the oppression of… the man.” Yes, you nod. Conformity should be battled, because… Well, just ‘because’ suffices, correct? And the suit, our heckler claims, is the epitome of this conformity: a tool designed to box our emotions, our images into neatly packaged, reproducible corporate drones.

Disregard intent. In fact, disregard even context; to trace the roots of the black suit and the white shirt as conventional attire is an exercise in, if not futility, at the very least in superfluous research. Those reasons are certainly dead, and we live, and perhaps thrive, in their aftermath.

The most important legacy of the suit, of monochrome, is not its ostensibly restrictive nature. In fact it is its freedom. This black and white milieu offers little more than a canvas, upon which we might splash the vibrancy of our persona. It is the modernist Swiss sans serif font of clothing: an article which allows its wearer to express himself, not an object which projects  sartorial oratory on behalf of the captive of couture.

And, to return to as well as contextualize this digressive introduction, view the blog itself. Neat, monochromatic, cookie-cutter; a simple subtext which promises to never detract or distract from my words.